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Seaweed based Natural Biostimulant
Maxizyme is a unique natural biostimulant prepared from a special particular species of seaweed. This natural incorporates all the nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids that are essential during the various stages of crop growth. Maxizyme provides these nutrients to the crops in adequate quantities thus enhancing early flowering and fruit formation and increase the size, yield and quantity of the crop. The natural enzymes in Maxizyme Photosynthesis due to which the chlorophyll in the plants increases and hence better quality crops are obtained.

Above prices are including standard bottles excluding labels/designs which have to be provided by the party.vat and freight extra.


Plant Growth Promoters

Gayatri Herbals is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of Plant Growth Promoters its help in substances that improve the overall health and growth of the plants. The major benefits of these plant growth promoters can be seen in the crop growth, quality of the final yield and productivity. Recommended for all types of crops, these are also known as soil conditioners due to their positive effects on the soil quality. We have a wide stock of plant growth promoters among which, amino acids have the major share in the market.

Plant Growth Promoters

Liquid Plant Growth Stimulants

We manufacture ready to use Liquid Plant Growth Stimulants which on application to seed, root or soil mobilizes the availability of nutrients and leads to increase in crop yield, stimulates plant growth, activates the soil biologically, restores natural fertility of the soil.

Liquid Bio Fertilizer

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