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Gayacal Calcium Tonic

Gayacalp-sp is a specially formulated calcium tonic which combines the characteristics of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus with those of the potent herbs such as shatavari and methi and vidarikand and jatamansi. It is fortified with vitamins B12 and D3
Key ingredients in Gayacalp-sp and their functions
  • Calcium
    Calcium ensures uninterrupted higher and sustained milk production
    Prevents milk fever complex
    Essential for bone structure and teeth development in growing animals
  • Phosphorus
    Phosphorus prevents anoestrus and increases conception rate
    Maintains fertility and biorhythm of the reproductive system
  • Vitamin B 12
    Essential for haemopoesis and synthesis of nucleoproteins
    Enhances erythropoesis
    Essential for blood formation
  • Vitamin D 3
    Facilitates and enhances absorption of calcium
    Maintains calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood
    Improved physical health and general resistance
  • Shatavari
    potent galactogogue and immunomodulant
  • Methi
    Improves number of milk secreting cells in the udder
  • Jatamansi and Vidarikand
    Improved letting down of the milk
    It is very effective in following ways
    It helps in hypocalcaemia and prevents prolapse of uterus
    It increases milk production and fat content in the milk
    It helps develop stronger bones in growing calves
Packing -500 ml bottles,1000 ml bottle,5 litres can

Gayacal Calcium Tonic

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