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Maxi-80 Plant Growth Promoters

Sticker, Spreader, Wetter, Dispersant, Penetrator
Maxi-80 Plant Growth Promoters is a unique nonionic formulation, usage of which increases the effectiveness of pesticides, insecticides and other foliar. Due to the peculiar characteristics of Maxi-80 Plant Growth Promoters the wastage of these pesticides is minimized to a large extent and hence their is optimum utilization is achieved. This makes the crops healthy and their quantity increases. Pesticides or any other foliar can work effectively only when they cover the entire surface area of the leaf adhere to it and penetrate inside.
But many times this doesn’t happen because these pesticides remain on the leaf surface in the form of droplets and these droplets eventually fall down. This happens due to the surface tension between the leaf surface and the pesticides. Because of this more than half the efficiency of the pesticide is lost.
When Maxi-80 Plant Growth Promoters is mixed with the pesticide this surface tension is nullified and the leaves become wet completely and remain wet for larger time and hence the pesticides usage becomes much more efficient. It increases the profit of the farmer considerably. Maxi 80 is completely biosafe and non-phytotoxic.
MIX 20ml Maxi-80 Plant Growth Promoters in 15 lt. Water and then add pesticide as suggested and spray the mixture.

Packing -250 ml
Type of Packing -HDPE Jar

Maxi-80 Plant Growth Promoters

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