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Seaweed Based Natural Biostimulant

Seaweed Based Natural Biostimulant is a unique biostimulant prepared from a special particular species of seaweed. It incorporates all the nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids that are essential during the various stages of crop growth. Maxizyme provides these nutrients to the crops in adequate quantities thus enhancing early flowering and fruit formation and increase the size, yield and quantity of the crop. The natural enzymes in Maxizyme 'Photosynthesis' due to which the chlorophyll in the plant''s increased and hence better quality crops are obtained. These nutrients enable cell formation and enhance metabolism in the plants making them healthy. Healthy crops become more resistant to bacteria and virus attack as well as extremities of climate and this results in better yield and quality of the crop and increase in profit for the farmer. Maxizyme also enhances better pollination and prevents fruit and flower dropping.

Seaweed Based Natural Biostimulant

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